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My Fall/Winter 2019 Fashion Wishlist


My Fall/Winter 2019 Fashion Wishlist

The end of summer is here. From a fashion perspective I can’t say that I am disappointed. As much as I love summer, summer fashion is not my favorite. While I love the heat, it means less clothes on your body. It also means lighter fabrics, sleeveless tops and flat shoes. Or at least it does for me. Every year I have difficulty designing clothes for the summer that are both chic and flattering yet are appropriate for very hot temperatures. This is not as easy as you may think because it is more difficult to camouflage the areas that you would really like to hide when you are wearing less clothes.

Fall/ winter clothes are where I get most my joy. Dark colors and heavier, structured fabric are more flattering on me. There is also more opportunities to layer. Layering with sweaters, coats and vests adds more versatility and interest to your wardrobe. It also creates shape.

I love to knit so sweater season is something I always look forward to. Knitting with merino wool, mohair and silk is much more satisfying then knitting with cotton and linen. And then there is tights. I love tights. I have at least fifty pairs of different color tights. Tights not only add more interest to an outfit, they allow you to move your hemline up a few inches. Showing too much bare leg is not always attractive or appropriate so wearing tights allows me to show a bit more leg. And they look awesome,

Last but not least – boots! I love, love wearing boots and booties. Fall is all about the boots. I do love the footwear for the summer season but my only issue is that I walk far more in the summer than I do in the winter. Walking on heels for long periods of time is something I can not do. Carrie Bradshaw made it look easy but it is not. Not only does it kill your feet but it can have long lasting physical effects as you get older. I have heard of people who can no longer wear heels. The thought of not being able to wear heels terrifies me. So I wear flats and this is something that has caused me great frustration every summer because I don’t feel as good in flats. I am short and I feel flats make me look short and stumpy. Heels elongate your body and they make you feel sexy. My solution to this problem was to buy flat shoes that I really love and that make a statement. If I have to wear flats they are going to be awesome.

I have tons of fall/winter sewing and knitting projects that I am now starting and I am getting a lot of my inspiration from some of the new Fall fashion styles. I like to go through all the latest fashions online and save the pictures of anything that jumps out at me. I will use them as inspiration to design my own clothes using the fabrics I love.

These are some of my favorites for Fall 2019:

Dresses: These are a few of the dresses that caught my eye. Beautiful draping, asymmetric hems and lots of floral for fall.

Sweaters : These are beautiful sweaters with interesting details.

Tops and Bottoms: Just a few pieces that caught my attention (I forgot to save the designers names)

Boots: Unfortunately I can not make these boots but I will definitely be watching out for sales.

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  1. awesome clothes and shoes

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