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How To Integrate Trends Into Your Own Style


How To Integrate Trends Into Your Own Style

I love fashion shows and I love to see all the new looks each season. For the most part they are not practical for the average person but the main goal of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion shows is to dictate fashion trends. Retail designers will design clothes based on the new trends and make them accessible and wearable for the average consumer. Each season we see many headlines urging us to Shop the Trends! and it is a lot to take in. How can we possibly keep up with all the trends that are constantly changing?

According to ELLE, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, these are some to the new trends for Spring/Summer 2019:

  • big bows
  • ruffles
  • bike shorts
  • everything beige
  • bright colorful suits
  • utility wear
  • ruching
  • throw back to early nineties
  • tie dye
  • square toe shoes
  • feathered accessories
  • modern hippy
  • tuxedos
  • bleached wear
  • leotards

Again, these are only some of the trends. There are many. If you were someone who has to follow trends I think this could be very overwhelming. Trends can be fun to follow but the key to following trends is to understand which trend actually works for you and how to integrate it within your existing wardrobe. What you see on the runway is typically exaggerated but a toned down version that suits your style is the goal. As well, it is important to choose clothing that can last for years in your closet and continue to be relevant. Trendy clothing does not have to be, and should not be, throwaway clothing at the end of the season. Having one or two pieces that you know are simply for the season and are not huge investments can be fun but if you are constantly recycling your wardrobe to keep up with the trends, that would be an incredible waste.

Current trends can be styles that you already have as part of your wardrobe. The trends we see each season are not new. Many of the trends we see are styles we have seen over and over again but they are being presented in new ways. Bows, ruffles and ruching have been around for many years. Colors never go out of style. Recycling styles from the 60s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is very common. You may have pieces in your closet that happen to now be on trend but you have been wearing them for years. I know I do. I do not worry about what is in style and what is not in style. If you can wear your clothes in a way that is stylish and modern than anything goes.

I do not feel the need to follow trends but I do like to be inspired by them. Keeping things new and exciting is part of the fun of fashion. I can do bows and ruffles but in a very subtle way. I will never wear a bow that is the size of half my body. Bright colored suits are awesome. I do not have a bright colored suit but I feel inspired to design one now. I am not sure yet how I feel about square toe shoes but they may grow on me. I typically don’t wear tie dye but this silk tye dye dress from ALC is beautiful and understated. I would definitely wear this. And I would keep it in my closet for years and continue to wear it even though tie dye may not be the current trend.

However, I am 100% confident that I will never wear bike shorts. I appreciate that some people may be able to pull it off but for the most part, I don’t consider bike shorts flattering or fashionable. I have never been a fan of wearing LuLu Lemons as actual clothes outside of the gym, and to me this trend is no better.

Not loving it………

Oh good god, no……………

Just say no. Please.

As the old adage goes, trends are fleeting and style lasts forever. So turn a trend you like into your own style and you can wear it forever.

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