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The World Is Your Runway Digital Sewing Project Planner – FREE!!!!


The World Is Your Runway Digital Sewing Project Planner – FREE!!!!

Recently I decided that I needed to be a little more organized with my sewing projects. I have several projects on the go and many ideas for future projects but this information is not stored in one central location. And if you create your own patterns, like I do, it is imperative to have some form of record of your projects. My solution was to make my own sewing project planner. I included all the information that I wanted to have on file for each project.

The sections included in the planner are:

  • Project Index List – This can be used to search for projects based on name and/or ID number in the planner. Once you have added many projects you will want an easy way to locate them.
  • Project information- This section is for information such as date, name, ID number, size, and projection description.
  • A female croquis template – The croquis can be used for sketching your design. You can print the page, sketch your design than insert a digital copy into the planner. Alternatively, you can replace it with a picture from the pattern you are using or an image you are working from.
  • And inspiration page. This is where you can insert pictures that you find online or pictures you have taken of things that inspire you for that particular project.
  • Project To Do List. I love lists so this is something I felt was very important to include. It will help keep track of ongoing projects.
  • Fabric Information – In this section you can include the type of fabric, the required length and the cost. It is always nice to refer back to how much you spent on a garment.
  • Fabric swatch – If you choose to use the planner as digital sewing project planner you can simply take a picture of the fabric and insert it into the swatch section. Otherwise, a swatch of fabric can be attached to the paper copy.
  • Adjustments – I added this section because it can be important to document the adjustments you made to the pattern for future reference.
  • Notes – This is where you can write down any thoughts, reminders, or things you notice while sewing the garment.
  • Lessons Learned – This section provides the opportunity to document the mistakes you made, things you would change next time, areas that you need to work on, etc. This is really helpful if you are to make the same garment at some point.
  • Photo of the completed garment – It is a good idea to keep a photo of the completed project.

I have chosen to use the planner as a digital sewing planner because I do not want to have to print everything out and create a binder. By having a digital sewing planner, I will have access to it at all times, it will be easy to edit and easy to insert photos. However, for those who are paper-based, it can be printed as a word document or converted to a PDF file. I have opted to provide it as a Word document so that the sections can be edited based on a persons preference. You can add or remove sections or change the formatting. We all work differently.

I just have one tip, always ensure that you maintain a copy of a project file template because you will need an empty template for each additional project that you add to the planner.

The World Is Your Runway Sewing Project Planner can be downloaded here:

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