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The World of Wooden Soles


I have recently ventured into the world of shoemaking with wooden soles.  It is not something I had originally considered but I  thought I would try it out since it is much easier to use preconstructed soles then making the soles out of leather.  I ended up ordering a pair of wooden soles with a shoe last and now I am hooked. 

The pictures above are of the first shoe that I made. There is a learning curve and I made a few mistakes on the first shoe which I hope to correct on the second.  But overall, I am very happy with the results. They are very comfortable and they look good enough that I would actually wear them.

The first step was to stain the sole and I chose a dark stain.  These particular wood soles that I purchased have a grain which looks beautiful when stained.  The upper is  made out of leather and lined with a soft leather .  I added a padded gel insole and covered  it with leather for comfort.  There are many wooden shoes that you can buy that do not have padded insoles and I would have to imagine they are not that comfortable.  I attached the leather upper to the wooden sole with decorative tacks and cement glue. The bottom of the soles came covered with rubber so they do not slip.

I will be providing. a video blog on the making of the second shoe to demonstrate how easy it really is to make a pair of shoes.  They are  fun to make and the  creativity can be limitless,  I performed an online search on designer wooden sandals and the results were inspiring.  There are many beautiful shoes that I believe can be replicated at home, or at least I am going to try.   How many pairs of wooden sole sandals does a person need?  I don’t know but  I do see a future of many wooden heel sandals in my closet.

Designer Sandals With Wood Soles

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