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Giving in to the Body Shaper


Lately I have realized that I am not obsessing over going to the gym or worrying about my weight as much as I used to. This could be for several reasons. Perhaps the difficult past few years have made me take a good look at my life and prioritize it differently. Perhaps it is because I am 47 years old and have given up the dream of the perfect body. Or perhaps it could actually be that I no longer hate my body the way that I used to. More than likely it is a combination of all three.

I still do take care of myself but I do so for different reasons. I do it for my health and well being. Instead of striving for that perfect body I have accepted the fact that I love red wine and snacks. They make me happy and they are very good for my health and well being,

My solution to the problem is body shapers. I have now invested in many different kinds of body shapers. I used to think that wearing a body shaper was a form of cheating because you are pretending that your body is in better shape than it actually is. But I now know that I was being ridiculous. I love body shapers. I don’t wear them all the time however there are certain outfits that I wear that look much better with a body shaper. While they can not perform magic and make me look skinny, they can do a good job of smoothing out the lumps and bumps. If you are wearing form fitting clothes, like a jersey dress or a tight cocktail dress, the body shaper can be your best friend. A body shaping camisole or body shaping underwear can do wonders for everyday wear.

Do not be fooled, many celebrities you see in magazines and online are wearing body shapers. We are being sold the illusion of perfection that does not exist. Most women have normal bodies. Check out your gym changing room and you will notice that most women are just like you.

The key is knowing how to dress your body the way that it is. It is not about hiding a large butt or a big stomach, because the truth is you can not hide it. What you can do is choose the right clothes to wear in order to flatter your large butt and big stomach. The colors, silhouettes and fabrics you choose all matter. And never, ever underestimate the power of a body shaper.

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