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Interlining with Silk Organza


I thought I would share my first experience using silk organza interlining. Interlining is an inner lining placed between the ordinary lining and the outer fabric of a garment. It can be used to change the shape and characteristics of your fabric and garment. I wanted to make a structured A-line skirt and in order to do that I had to interline the garment since I had bought a piece of light weight metallic silver wool which would not hold the shape that I wanted for my skirt.

There are different types of interlining fabric you can use – for example, fusible and non-fusible interfacing or woven fabrics such as cotton batiste and flannelette. In my case I needed a stiff fabric to provide structure to my skirt. Silk organza was the perfect choice. Another plus was that the silk organza would look nice on the inside of the garment therefore I would not need to include a lining.

The main difference between interlining and lining is that the interlining fabric and the outer fabric are cut and sewn as one piece. Since I was using silk organza as the interlining, and I was not lining the garment, it was important that the seams were finished nicely.

I chose to self bind the seams with the silk organza interlining. To do this, I first cut out the fabric pieces. I then cut out the silk organza interlining pieces, adding an extra 1/2 ” seam allowance to be used as the seam binding. The picture I have included demonstrates what the piece will look like once both pieces are together. At this point I basted the two pieces together.

After I prepared each piece, I sewed the skirt together as normal. To finish the seam edges I simply folded the extra silk organza fabric over the wool, as you would normally do when binding a seam, and edge-stitched the binding in place. Very easy and such a beautiful seam finish.

For anyone that likes to have structure in their garments, which by the way is great for hiding lumps and bumps, I think this is a great solution. It is a crisp, clean and flattering look. And it is very easy to do. I would recommend doing a bit of research on what kind of interlining you should use to get the results that you want. There are many articles on interlining to be found online that are very helpful. I typically like to refer to Threads Magazine Online for information and how-to’s and an article that I think would be a good starting point is Understanding Underlining.

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