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My Fashion Design Workspace


Although this is not my dream fashion design studio, for a home studio is works pretty well. Unfortunately it is in the basement so there is no natural light but I have made sure that there is lots of lighting to compensate. It is the space and organization that is most important.If I were to list my most important requirements for a fashion design workspace it would be as follows: 

  • a large cutting table that will fit 3 – 4 rotary cutting mats
  • multi-drawer storage cabinets to organize sewing notions
  • a peg board to organize and display sewing tools
  • a cabinet for your fabric stash which allows you to see what you have 

The majority of the furniture I have is from IKEA. In terms of price and functionality, IKEA is the best. My cutting table is made out of 12 LACK side tables at $9.99 each from IKEA. I love my table. It is the right height, I can fit 3 cutting mats on the tabletop and there is tons of storage space underneath. I found this idea online. You can check it out here.

My Fashion Design Space 

This is where the creativity and chaos happens. Everything has its place. My fabric is visible for constant inspiration and I have the space to create. 

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