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For the Love of Shoes

I love shoes. Most of my clothing budget is spent on shoes. I will invest money into a good pair of shoes because, for the most part, the price of a pair of shoes is a measure of the quality of the shoe. And for me, the shoe is the most important part of an outfit. You could be wearing the most beautiful outfit but if the your shoes are not right it could ruin the look. Alternatively, a beautiful shoe can transform your look.   


Shoes can be very expensive. Although I said that the price, for the most part, is a measure of the quality, that does not mean that shoes are worth the asking price.  Shoes are definitely overpriced. The price is increased based on the brand name. Therefore, I never pay full price. I have certain designers that I like – Vince, Stuart Weitzman, Aquazurra , among others- and I will always look for sales, in-store or online. Since I have never found a size 6 shoe that does not fit my foot I am very comfortable buying shoes online. You can find shoes 50% to 75% off at the end of seasons sales which makes a huge difference. For me a stylish pair of shoes will never go out of style, so unless you are someone that needs to have them right away, waiting for end of seasons sales is the best way to go.


If you do not feel excited when you purchase a pair of shoes then it is probably not the perfect shoe for you. If you do not feel excited when you wear the shoes you already have, and you want to feel excited, then perhaps it is time to look for that fabulous pair of shoes.  Once you have experienced shoe love you can never go back. I still love to look at my shoes, try them on and just wear them around the house. Each pair is special. And I know they will last forever as long as I take care of them.      


 If you would like to read about my experience in shoe making, click here.


My Favorite Shoes from my Closet

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