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“Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway”


“Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway”

This will be my mantra. I will repeat it in order to inspire myself to put more thought, care and effort into how I dress. I still love to dress up and I am continually designing new clothes but, like many people, I have become tired and unmotivated Sometimes it is easier to put on track pants or jeans and call it a day because who cares what you look like anymore? And each day you do not try becomes just another day like all the rest.

The crazy thing is that I am well aware of the transition in my outlook on life when I dress up. I feel like a different person. I feel stronger, sexier, confident, younger, fearless and hopeful. If that is the case, why do I not dress up all the time? Because, like everything else, it takes motivation, discipline and effort. It is no different then eating right and going to the gym. Each of these areas contribute to the improvement of our health and well-being but we often do not put in the time or effort required.

This year I have decided to change my patterns. As the world seems to be getting darker, I am going to try and make my little world lighter through fashion. I am going to wear beautiful clothes, socialize with people who share the same passion and hopefully share and inspire others to feel and understand the joy of clothes. It will be my mission to make the world more stylish one day at a time.

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